Top tips on how to throw a Silent Disco party!

Silent Disco’s are becoming increasingly popular thanks to major events such as music festivals incorporating them, but what is the best way to go about hosting your own Silent Disco party?

Below are a few of our top tips to throwing your own party that your guests will love!

Tip 1) Choose the right venue

Choose a venue suitable for the number of guests attending. Don’t go too big as the space will be left feeling empty and the atmosphere lost. Be sure to choose a room that will comfortably fit your quantity whilst keeping it intermate and immersive. A venue that offers a dancefloor is always a bonus!

Tip 2) Decide what music you want to offer and consider booking a DJ

Our event headsets have the ability to deliver up to 3 channels of music simultaneously. But how you split those is completely up to you! All our headset kits are delivered with 3 x transmitters and all the cables/adapters you need to get started. You can connect your own music sources such as iPods, laptops/Spotify etc.

It’s quite common for at least one music source to be a live DJ who will usually bring his/her own mixing equipment and then connect upto one of the transmitter channels for your guests to enjoy.

It’s important to ensure that all your guests will be kept happy and entertained throughout the event and so trying to ensure that you offer different music genres/styles on each of the 3 channels is a great idea so people always have something to switch to and carry on with their dancing!

Tip 3) Make sure you book enough headsets for all your guests

Nobody wants to be left out at a party and so it’s always a good idea to hire enough headsets to cover all your event guests – Silent Discos are becoming increasingly popular of course and everyone loves to give it a go and boogie away on the dancefloor!

Tip 4) Create the right atmosphere for your dancefloor

As well as playing those banging tunes, it’s important to keep the right vibe and atmosphere on the dancefloor and this is where event lighting really comes in to play. It’s always a good suggestion to turn off the venue lights and have some sort of disco lights which all help with the immersion experience. It also helps make all those dancefloor selfies look extra awesome! Don’t forget that our headsets all light up with their internal 3-colour LEDs to show others what channel you are on – these really help with the impact! If you are hiring a DJ then hopefully they will be able to bring some lighting options.

Tip 5) Look after those headphones!

One of the trickiest things to manage at a Silent Disco party is the issuing and collection of the headsets – especially when some of the guests may have had a drink or two.

It’s important to try and have a single entry/exit point for guests and have someone dedicated to handing out and collecting back the headsets to people who wish to use them. Missing / broken headsets can end up being costly to the hirer – and nobody wants an unexpected bill at the end of their event. For larger events, it sometimes works to take a deposit from guests or hold onto their ID until they return the headset.

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