Spice up your wedding with a Silent Disco!

These days there is no set tradition for a wedding format, every couple makes the day their own and rightly so! From different day formats, venues, entertainment options, catering options and so much more – every element of the day can be customised to be as different or quirky as the happy couple would like it to be.

So… Why not change up the traditional DJ format and add a Silent Disco to the special occasion? Our Silent Disco Headsets are absolutely perfect for weddings and traditionally will offer between 2 – 3 channels of music entertainment and this can include at least one channel from a live DJ performing at the event. Wedding-goers can swap between channels and choose what they dance along to!

Added benefits to those in the venue mean the music is practically silent to those not wearing headphones – other than the muffled sound of those singing along that are of course! The quiet nature of the headphones also allow you to party much later into the night as a lot of venues will have noise and license restrictions on what time you can traditionally play music to.

Being able to cater to different musical tastes is also a massive bonus, especially as most weddings will have a real mix of guests. You can try and coordinate your 3 channels to cover most basis of music throughout the evening so that there is always something for your guests to enjoy on at least one channel.

[event headsets] can also provide technical crew to assist with the delivery and management of headsets on site at your event if required. All our crew are well-versed to live events and are happy to help where they can.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about how our headsets can support your next event.

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