Silent Disco headset hire for breakout spaces!


We provide wireless headsets & technical services for the conference, exhibition & live event industries. Reshape the way that audio is delivered at your next event by using headsets to reduce noise and maximise your space. Our experienced team can offer advice and technical services to help you plan, build and deliver the audio at your event.

Our silent disco headsets are the perfect solution to enable multiple presentations to take place in the same space, without causing disruption. This is a cost-effective and simple way to deliver your events without requiring separate spaces in a venue.

Allow your audience to choose which presentation they would like to listed to by simply switching between one of three available channels.

Using the silent disco headset approach helps keep attendees in one contained space and therefore helps with event flow. It reduces attendee movement during moments of “passing” in between sessions, therefore freeing up space in what are normally crowded hallways and pavilions. Even within the silent session space, there is no reason for attendees to get up and move around frequently as there are no “bad seats.” Attendees seated in the back of the room can perfectly hear speakers and presenters because of the silent disco setup.

Reduce noise, improve communication

Run multiple presentations in the same space

Maximise space & deliver more content

Increase engagement & accessibility

Improve audio quality

Save time, space & money

Stream content in multiple languages

Offer innovative solutions

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