Silent Disco headset hire for conferences and corporate events!

With well over a combined 50 years in the corporate industry, we are experts at supporting you with your next event. There are many benefits to using our wireless headsets to enhance and deliver your live events. Conferences don’t have to be expensive or complex. Divide your space without dividing your delegates.

Solutions for seminars & multiple speakers

We have upto 3 channel LED headphones systems, using a multichannel system allows you to have different audio inputs.

We supply many conferences across the UK with Multiple speakers either taking place in the same space with different subjects or multiple activities.

Many of our clients have offices across the world, our system creates an innovational solution for Multiple Languages.

While one person is speaking you are able to use the system for translation options on different channels where required.

Wireless conference headsets

Perfect for all sized audiences from important talks to large staff training events. Use our wireless headsets for clear and intimate sound solutions and using our clear coloured LED system to show which channel a headset is on, you are easily able to use the headsets over multiple breakout rooms/zones and visibly identify and check that audience members are listening to the correct channel / presenter.

Reduce noise, improve communication

Amazing audio quality

Run multiple breakouts in 1 room

Save time, space & money

Maximise space & deliver more content

Stream content in multiple languages

Why choose us?

  • LED Wireless Headphones
  • 2 or 3 Channel Selection
  • 2000 Headphones in Stock
  • No Batteries – fully rechargeable
  • Receives signals up to 500M
  • Great sound quality with superb bass
  • Easy Volume and Channel Control
  • Provided in Padded Cases
  • UK Delivery & Collection