Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers when hiring headsets for their events. If your question is not answered below, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!
Why choose event headsets?

With our event management background and wealth of hands-on-experience using these headsets for small and large events, we are well placed to be able to provide not only great sounding, well-built headsets, but also amazing support and service levels. You can honestly trust us to ensure your event goes smoothly!

Is there a minimum hire quantity?

Our minimum hire quantity is x50 headsets. We have over 2000 headsets in stock and so can cater for all event sizes!

Where are you based and can I collect?

We are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and collection is always possible when made by prior arrangement. We can also deliver across the UK and Europe.

Do I need to pay a deposit for the booking?

Yes, a deposit of 50% upfront is needed to secure a booking. Our account customers can also secure a booking with a valid Purchase Order.

What is a ‘Dry Hire’ ?

Our dry hire option is where our team do not physically attend your event to support. Instead you can either collect or we can courier the equipment to you with simple instructions on how to get started. We supply the headsets and transmitters you require, as well as various cables and adapters to get you up and running.

What range do the headsets have?

Our headsets can receive a signal from the transmitters upto a whopping 500m away with a clear line of sight. There are potential other factors involved with the signal distance including build materials of the venue and any other interference in the area.

What do I need to play music through your equipment?

We supply everything after your music source. It’s then up to you to provide either a DJ, laptop/s, iPods etc to connect to the transmitters. Each headset can receive upto 3 different signals/sources and so at minimum you could have one music source, and maximum 3 which could even be a combination of options such as live dj on one channel, a laptop on another and an ipad on the third. The possibilities are endless!

What happens if I damage something?

Our headphones and equipment are well-built and pretty rugged, however in the unfortunate event that something is broken, we will charge you to replace it. Our replacement charges can be found in our ‘hire terms and conditions’ document which you will need to sign upon making a booking.

Do you offer any additional extras for events?

Our background is actually as an event management company. As such, we have a warehouse of various technical, prop and set equipment. We can provide photobooths, magic mirrors, staging, lighting, sound, video, photographers and videography…. And even special effects! Please drop us an email or call us for more information.

Will a silent disco work at my venue?

Absolutely! The great thing about our headsets and the idea of a silent disco event is that it can take place anywhere. All you need is some power and a music/audio source and you’re away!

What if I get stuck setting up the equipment?

Have no fear! We send out simple instructions with all our equipment and it should be as simple as plug and play. You can also watch our handy video here to see how to get up and running. However, if you do get stuck then you can always call our 24/7 technical support helpline where a member of our team will be more than happy to talk you through the setup process.

Can I brand the headsets?

We can brand your headsets if required at an additional cost. These will be vinyl labels applied with your artwork on each side of the headset. Please get in touch for more information.

How are the headsets powered?

Our headsets all run on rechargeable batteries. They are charged from USB cables that we supply along with a bulk USB charging station which makes it nice and easy to charge the headsets if required. All headsets are sent out fully charged before an event so that you can get going right away. Headsets are expected to last around 10 hours between charges.

What frequencies do the transmitters use?

Our transmitters work on 863.5 – 864.5 MHz and we supply 3 of these with each dry-hire. Each transmitter is channel selectable, as are the headsets.

Have a project in mind?

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