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We can supply 50 – 2000 wireless headsets for your conference, business or corporate event.

The concept of silent disco headsets is very simple, our great sounding wireless and rechargeable headsets offer up to 3 channels of audio sources. For each channel, we provide a wireless transmitter unit which when connected to an audio feed, simply transmits this to the headsets.

Our headsets are super easy to use and offer a graphical colour LED on the side to instantly and clearly show which of the 3 channels the headset is currently on.

Our headsets are fully-rechargeable (no batteries required) and work up to a range of 500m (clear line of sight). They sound great and offer a rich bass sound when required. Volume and channel selection is made simple with convenient buttons located on either side of the units.

LED Wireless Headphones

1, 2 or 3 Channel Selection

2000 Headphones in Stock

No Batteries – Fully rechargeable

Upto 500m of Range

Great sound quality with superb bass

Easy Volume and Channel Control

UK Delivery & Collection

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